Everspring plugin dimmer

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Gör ditt hem ännu smartare med denna plugin dimmer från Everspring.
250W max.belastning
Z-Wave Plus

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With the Everspring plugin dimmer AD1472, your lights will become smart. Simply plugged between a wall outlet and a lamp it gives you the possibility to control the light in an intelligent way.

You are already on the way to work and can’t remember if all lamps at home were turned off? With the dimmable Z-Wave plug adapter you don’t need to worry. Switch on and off connected lights from anywhere using your mobile device.

Commissioning is very easy: Activate the learning mode on your Z-Wave control center and insert the Everspring plug adapter in a wall socket. Thanks to the auto mode inclusion you don’t need to do anything else.

Now you can dim lamps with a load up to 250W conveniently via remote control, smartphone or by intelligent automation.

Of course you can use the plug adapter as part of an automated scene defined in your Z-Wave Smart Home Gateway to switch your lights on and off or dim up and down.