POPP Flow Stop gas/water shut-off controller

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  • Motor operated shut-off controller
  • Automatic flow stop for gas and water pipelines
  • Only 12 Volt (1A), but high power output as well as high torque
  • Closes the ball valve in just 10 seconds
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Dimensions: 70x93x77 mm
  • Weight: 340 g

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POPP Flow Stop gas/water shut-off controller

Overflowing bathtubs, leaking washing machines or defects to gas and water pipelines – damages can occur almost anywhere and cause immense costs. The POPP Flow Stop can prevent this – thanks to Z-Wave. Flow Stop is a motor operated shut-off controller for automatic flow stop of gas and water pipes. It is equipped with Z-Wave technology. This means it is particularly suitable for use in smart homes.

Even installation is child’s play. The POPP Flow Stop is delivered completely including valve control/motor, power supply, mounting and Quick Start Guide and is easy to assembly on the existing ball stop valve. In doing so, all usual pipe standards, including ½ ” and ¾“, are possible. On this occasion no pipes must be dismantled or even water must be drained. That way the installation is normally done in 5-10 minutes.

The POPP Flow Stop is driven by a motor and closes the ball valve mechanically.  Even though the Motor requires only 12 Volt (1A), it has a high power output as well as high torque, which reliably closes the ball valve in just 10 seconds. Also a manual closing of valve is easily possible in case of power failure – thanks to the clutch release bearing.

Once the Flow Stop is added to a smart home gateway via Z-Wave, the stop valve can be operated via any PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet. Additionally, in the event of leaking gas or water the smart home gateway – when combined with sensors – is able to stop a further inflow automatically and thus protects against more extensive damage and further danger.

The POPP Flow Stop is a good piece of security for the intelligent home defending from nasty surprises and high costs due to gas and water damages.

  • Receives commands from control centers (caused by remote controllers, mobile devices and sensors)
  • Closes and opens gas and water pipelines at command

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    Har kopplat denna till min diskmaskinen och stänger av vatten efter xx minuter. Kommer in i HC2 som en strömbryterare. Tar ca 3-4 sek för den att stänga/öppna kranen.
    Med en vattensensor under diskmaskinen så är lösningen komplett, vid vattenläckage så stängs kranen direkt om den är öppen.

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