Vision Garagedetektor

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Vision garagedetektor känner av om garagedörren är i vertikalt eller horisontellt läge och rapporterar detta till din Z-Wave Gateway.

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Vision garagedetektor

This sensor offers information whether a garage door is open or closed. It detect the horizontally or vertical position of the door. It is therefore required to mount it to the door in a way that it will also change the position from vertically to horizontally and back. The installation can be done with screws or double-sided tape. The device is battery-operated and therefore in sleeping mode unless an action is detected. After a programmable sleeping time the device wakes up and sends a status information. After this the unit goes back to sleeping modus. Batteries can be changed without unscrewing the device from the door or frame. The unit will give a visual warning on the device and sends a warning to the Z-Wave controller, when batteries need to be replaced. The units send information to a controller or any other associated Z-Wave device. Up to 5 devices can be controlled from this device. Two terminals allows to connection of an external dry contact in parallel to the position sensor. The powerful CR123 Lithium battery lasts 3 … 5 years in normal operation conditions. The device supports normal Z-Wave inclusion, auto inclusion and network wide inclusion for convenient handling.